Our Regional Team

Meet the team that runs West Region, Scotland Scouting.

Regional Commissioner: Ian Hunter

Contact me on: ian.hunter@westregion.org.uk

Deputy Regional Commissioner: John Kitson

Contact me on: john.kitson@westregion.org.uk

Asst. Regional Commissioner (Adult Training): Carole Allan

Contact me on: carole.allan@westregion.org.uk

Asst. Regional Commissioner (Communications): Stuart Wilson

Contact me on: stuart.wilson@westregion.org.uk

Asst. Regional Commissioner (Network): Graham Reid

Contact me on: gr.reid@gmail.com

Regional Adviser (International): John Kitson

Contact me on: john.kitson@westregion.org.uk 

Regional Secretary: Maureen Murdoch

Contact me on: m.murdoch@ymail.com

Regional Treasurer: Eric Richardson

Contact me on: erichrichardson1961@gmail.com

Asst. Regional Commissioner (Development ): David McCallum

Contact me on: david.mccallum@westregion.org.uk

Regional Adviser (Activities): Vacant

Regional Chairman: Donald Gordon

Contact me on: donald.gordon@westregion.org.uk

Team Photos:

Donald Gordon (Chair)

Ian Hunter

Stuart Wilson

David McCallum

Graham Reid

Graham Reid

John Kitson

John Kitson

Maureen Murdoch

Maureen Murdoch

Eric Richardson

Eric Richardson

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