Scouting in Scotland, and indeed the UK is great fun with so much to do. However, every now and then you can have a new adventure by venturing abroad. This is where the Regional Adviser (International) comes in.

John Kitson is the Regional Adviser (International) and this is a key role which provides a focus for specialist advice and support relating to international and global events and activities. John provides Leaders in Groups with support to deliver to their sections the Global and International content of the programme.

The Regional Adviser (International) also provides Region-led trips particularly where local Groups might not be able to undertake such trips themselves. This ensures international experiences are available to all members of all sections throughout the Region. The programme of trips that have been planned for the next few years are:

  • 2017 – A trip for Cubs to farms and Legoland in Denmark.
  • 2018 – An international expedition for Scouts to Iceland or Malta or a similar venue.
  • 2019 – A community development project expedition to Malaysia for Explorers and Networkers.

John also ensures that all International Opportunities are promoted within the Region. These include:

  • Explorer Belt Expeditions
  • Blair Atholl Jamborette
  • World Jamboree
  • Other International Events

John works hard to encourage Groups to undertake visits abroad and ensure Scouting Visit Abroad procedures are complied with by all Groups making trips. He will assist with planning of trips as required and process all Visit Abroad Forms for all Groups undertaking trips.

His role also involves:

Promoting the Scottish International Staged Activity Badge which is available for all sections. Encourage Groups to visit the SHQ website to get details of the requirements for each stage of the badge.

Assisting Leaders with promotion of programme ideas for the Global and International parts of the Section Awards to encourage this aspect of the programme to be developed.

Assisting with the provision of Leader training by presenting the Module 19 – International, as part of the Region Training Opportunities.

For more information please contact John on:

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