Lapping up success at Lapwing

Posted on 11 January 2017

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Lapwing Lodge, the jewel in West Region Scout Council’s crown – has celebrated its greatest ever year. And more is to come!

At the Annual Lapwing Lodge Dinner, hosted by the Management Board to thank everyone for their support over the previous 12 months, guests heard how 2016 had been the most successful year ever for the centre in terms of visitors and number of activities offered.

Regional Chairman Jim Duffy thanked everybody responsible and praised Lapwing Warden Ross Dunbar, Management Board Chair Hilary Graham, Scout Active Support Unit Manager Catherine Burnett and the whole team of volunteers at Lapwing who work together to continue the tremendous development of the centre over the last year. He reported that the number of members of campstaff, both in activities and site services has been growing year on year.

He gave particular praise for the efforts of the “Purple Campstaff”, who are the youngest at 14-years-old and onwards – a new addition to the centre.

Jim Said: “I am extremely proud of Lapwing Lodge and its amazing team. Without their support the centre would not be the success it has become.”

Jim confirmed funding of £185,000 to fund a new heating system and four “hobbit houses”, like the one in the car park, which will provide additional accommodation in the near future. The houses will have a room for two leaders attached and there will be a central kitchen for cooking and eating in provide.

He announced that an application for further funding will be submitted by the end of March 2017 for a new activity hall. There will be drawings available by February with an opportunity for interested parties to go along to the centre to see the plans and give feedback prior to submission.

Any individual that wishes to support the centre through the campsite then please contact the warden via Lapwing’s website:

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